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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i can't wait to kiss the ground wherever we touch back down

at school. supposed to be completing one of the numerous assignments i have been burdened with. sigh.

sometimes i think about this sort of shit & i rage. i start yelling heaps of crap about how society is messed up, that our childhoods end so soon & we have too much pressure.

but other times, times like this, i just think about how it doesn't matter. and how we still have our childhood, we are still young. and lucky enough that in a few days or a few weeks, a few months in my case, we get to relax. do stupid things and spend days acheiving nothing.

i think about when i'm old, when i can't wear heels because of my bad back and when i can't jump off piers because i'd break my hip again. i think when i'm old, i won't remember the mark i got for my history essay or my maths assessment. i'll remember the heels and the jumping, and all the things i did when i wasn't worrying or stressed.

inmy opinion, when we're young and if we're lucky, we should all try to think like this. be optimistic, dwell on what we've got to look forward to, instead of what we have to do before that.

recently it's dawned on me; you're only young once.


  1. heyy! you know, i get what you mean, heels and all. but yeh, haha i know what you mean when you have to embrace your youth.
    x much love

  2. indeeeed, embrace and be merry.

  3. excellent point.
    sort of confronting, really. like we're only young once. yes, i know its important to have a fulfilling youth, but we've got to start working hard at some point; this establishes our future. when we're old, i think we'll also look back on how successful we've been in the things we want to achieve.


  4. so right. we should really capture our youth while we have it (: live every moment like it's our last. Going crazy, having fun and achieving nothing is my expertise.

    loving you verymuchly

    Ash xx

  5. @ candi, oooohhh you and your work. fine, go be smart. i shall just preoccupy myself with a naice cake. m cake. x

    @ ash, lawl. exactly. or as the italians would say, exactly.

  6. haha
    all i was saying is that you have to start somewhere ;)
    AND it dosen't mean working. it can just mean building goals und stoof.