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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

they ask what went wrong when you never had it right

wishlist time;
yess, all that talk of shoeboots & pumps got me dreaming. shall we start from the top down?

1. flower
as in a hair accessory. velvet and dark (:
2. retro shades.
lovelove 80s shades. i already have a collection, but then i discover more styles i want.
3. vintage pearls.
now, i have cheap "vintage" "pearls" already- but i don't really wish for those plastic beads that were made in some sweatshop. i would like something precious, antique. maybe restrung so they're longer, and worn in multiples.
4. sweaterdress
in grey. not light grey, not dark grey- smoke grey. something that's loose but then comes in tightly for the last few inches, if that makes sense. this one's frustrating, because i already have a few things that are so similar, but not exactly what i want.
5. ripped, destroyed denim.
i'm talking jeans where you can see most of my leg. shorts that have frayed tatters hanging down to my knee. my mother would hate them.
6. thigh high stocks
not just ANY thigh highs. dark ones, that have patterns cut out. i got this idea from ashley greene for nylon. loved everything about that shoot- one of my favourite shots below.
7. rolando pumps.
by christian louboutin. in black patent leather. simplicity, mes amis.
8. shoe boots
ankle high, black suede. niiiiiice.
9. low slouch boots
really loose, just higher than ankle length. grey or black suedee.
10. crochet uggs.
again; loose, short. love <3


  1. i like the sound of the uggs ;)
    hot, hot, hot and more hot!
    and those high socks (ooh ahh ;))
    girl in the pic is cute - is it alice?


  2. yepp, ashley greene. wearing the socks i was referring to.
    guh, she is all love and sexyness. i want her hairr and her facee and her flannel shirt.

  3. the girl in the picture is amazing! i can totally tell why you want socks like hers! OOO the grey sweater dress bit made me laugh :)

  4. hahaa thankyeww for the niice comments (;