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the paper cuts, the cheating lovers, the coffee's never strong enough. i know you think it's more than just bad luck.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

come, take a ride & jump into the blue

wooh, bit of a blog drought.
due to schoolshit.
this isjust sort of an updatey post- i should be less busy now:)

& um i HAD to show everyone this picture. i laughed for so long.
and every time i look at it, i laugh some more.


Friday, August 28, 2009

sapphire and faded jeans, i hope you get your dreams

so i was reading my blog (yes, i often read my own blog wanna fight about it?) and i gazed a long gaze over my wishlist.
& i realised; even if i went out and bought alll that stuff. i would still want more.

sounds pretty shallow, material. i know.
but that's how it is, everyone i know wants. and when we get what we want, we're not content.
but i think that's okay. it reminds me of a discussion i once had about iPods.
i will never be totally "done" with setting up my iPod. because new songs come out, i want different playlists, or i want.. a new cover or something.
& that's okay. we're human; we have to want things or there'd be nothing to do.

yes i just compared life in general with iPods. if you dont like it i will blow you da fuk up in a heartbeat so shut up before i pull dat track out bitch with your mutterfukin weed.
kay that last bit will only make sense to about. 3 people. long story, involving a grammatically incorrect stalker.

anyway, so i guess what i'm saying is. not many people will ever be totally content. we'll probably always want more- but what's so bad about that?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

i'm your biggest fan, i'll follow you until you love me.

bonjour kiddies. so life recently has been hectic- thanks so much, school.

and sometimes i feel like i may explode if i keep all this stress just settling inside me with no break.
oh, at this point it is necessary to note that i don't shout and cry and rage when i get stressed, i bottle it up inside :)
anyway so the last few nights, i've been watching a few episodes of a loved tv show before sleeptime. maybe i don't have time to do this, but i do it anyway. it's my little break and keeps me sane.

so it's brothers & sisters at the moment. love that show. my mam loves it because she relates to the old chick, nora. which is weird because she's young enough to be one of nora's children. but whatver.
i love kevin, justin, scotty, sarah and robert most. ROBERT. OMFG SRSLY~ HE USED TO BE SO COOL AND THEN THEY TOTALLY FCKED UP HIS CHARACTER. NOW HE'S A BITCH. it's so unrealistic. gaylords.

anyway- you're so lucky, you get to hear my other tv loves.
bones; funny shit, as well as interesting and cuuute and includes seeley booth. nuff said.
the office; FUNNY SHIIITTT, hilarity & honesty, i love jim halpert and obviously dwigt schrute.
& that's sort of my favourite three :)
aren't you glad you know?

anyway, i'm going to go stare at the compter screen blankly.
it's not doing work, but i feel less stressed doing that than when i'm just doing fun stuff. like blogging.

bones is sex. & i know so much more about human anatomy from watching it.
which is surprising.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i just saw haleys comet shooting, said why you always running?

i've always thought my style was hard to define. & i suppose i'm right.
actually, when i was like nine, i decided i would force my style to be definable

my brilliant plan: only buy things if they fit my STYLE. pretty soon alllll my clothes would have the same theme.
the result of this: i have only just gotten rid of all my "hippie chick" clothes.
fun fact: i used to burn incense and chant about saving trees and whales and shit.

anyway, so i guess me & my style just can't be defined, or controlled.

& recently i've beenthinkinig about how the different things i like contradict each other.
forexample. one day i will like frilly french chiffony dresses and bows and sex like that, and the next day i will like hobo flannel shirts and ripped jeans and smashing guitars for fun.

i thought the solution to this was to blend my contradictory ideas. whch i guess would work.
except why should i? WHY?

i think i've decided i'm just not going to fit. (lol, thats what HE said).
if someone asks me what my style is. they won't get a proper answer, and why not?

i'll tell you one thing for free: all my clothes are linked in one way..
when they're on, they look DAMN SEXY HOT.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

princess, why you so contagious?

today was travelling to the city, accompanied by some sexy minxes of mine.
one interesting thing about going to city is seeing all the tourists. they digg it here, and are always walking around with their cameras and their maps. & you're just like, "kay. its not that interesting."
i'll tell you what is interesting- all the shoe shops. naiiice.
i ate too much this morning. a donut, 97% pure fat. an ice cream, fudgefilled. a milkshake, chocolatey. etc.
now, im not the kind of girl who counts her calories- but i'm aware when i've eaten a lott. bear in mind that all of the above was consumed within half an hour.
howevarr, i consoled myself today with the knowledge that i won't be eating for most of the weekend.
no, im not going on a purge starve due to pigging out- don't make me laugh. i'm doing the 40h famine. and preparing for it with steak for dinner.
i really don't know how i shall survive without my crackers, or my coke, or my cheese (fun fact; i am inlove with cheese).

wish me luck (;
F - 4hours.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i can't wait to kiss the ground wherever we touch back down

at school. supposed to be completing one of the numerous assignments i have been burdened with. sigh.

sometimes i think about this sort of shit & i rage. i start yelling heaps of crap about how society is messed up, that our childhoods end so soon & we have too much pressure.

but other times, times like this, i just think about how it doesn't matter. and how we still have our childhood, we are still young. and lucky enough that in a few days or a few weeks, a few months in my case, we get to relax. do stupid things and spend days acheiving nothing.

i think about when i'm old, when i can't wear heels because of my bad back and when i can't jump off piers because i'd break my hip again. i think when i'm old, i won't remember the mark i got for my history essay or my maths assessment. i'll remember the heels and the jumping, and all the things i did when i wasn't worrying or stressed.

inmy opinion, when we're young and if we're lucky, we should all try to think like this. be optimistic, dwell on what we've got to look forward to, instead of what we have to do before that.

recently it's dawned on me; you're only young once.