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the paper cuts, the cheating lovers, the coffee's never strong enough. i know you think it's more than just bad luck.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

i'm stuck in folsom prison, and time keeps dragging on

hello, you sexy swine.
i write now from the school library. rosie baby missed le bus.
but all is well, i got me a ride with lina,bonjour.

date rape talker came to our school today. it's weird, having some big guy talk to us about innapropriate sexual connections.
all i can think about is the possibility that he will pounce on me after the lecture. a bit unnerving.

also,, i have an obsession with shoeboots. anyone who has spoken to me in the last few weeks will know that this is true. no one can escape me talking about shoe boots drooooool.

and now, a pretty picture.

how delicate.


  1. Shoe boots, of course (: Of course you love them babe, literally wear them with anything - no joke. Thank you so much for linking me, you are such a babe for doing that. Also, i have to add that is a very pretty picture. And you captured it right, delicate is perfect, delicate, gentle, flirtatious and innocent.


  2. yepp, you have to hand it to the models- who else can make doing up buttons look hot?
    & exactement on the shoes. versatility is whatt i like.

  3. hello babe,
    the model you included is really pretty, but aren't they all? lol i am cool.
    anyways, i just set up a blog; be sure to check it out.


    P.S i cannot stop staring at your banner.. its like hypnotizing or something, in a freakishly good, relaxing way ;)

  4. YAYYA.
    by the way babeface, i just finished YOUR banner.
    its very different to mine- simple.
    but i think it suitsyou.

  5. omg thank you!
    and thanks for following - you're my first!
    keep me posted,