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Thursday, August 27, 2009

i'm your biggest fan, i'll follow you until you love me.

bonjour kiddies. so life recently has been hectic- thanks so much, school.

and sometimes i feel like i may explode if i keep all this stress just settling inside me with no break.
oh, at this point it is necessary to note that i don't shout and cry and rage when i get stressed, i bottle it up inside :)
anyway so the last few nights, i've been watching a few episodes of a loved tv show before sleeptime. maybe i don't have time to do this, but i do it anyway. it's my little break and keeps me sane.

so it's brothers & sisters at the moment. love that show. my mam loves it because she relates to the old chick, nora. which is weird because she's young enough to be one of nora's children. but whatver.
i love kevin, justin, scotty, sarah and robert most. ROBERT. OMFG SRSLY~ HE USED TO BE SO COOL AND THEN THEY TOTALLY FCKED UP HIS CHARACTER. NOW HE'S A BITCH. it's so unrealistic. gaylords.

anyway- you're so lucky, you get to hear my other tv loves.
bones; funny shit, as well as interesting and cuuute and includes seeley booth. nuff said.
the office; FUNNY SHIIITTT, hilarity & honesty, i love jim halpert and obviously dwigt schrute.
& that's sort of my favourite three :)
aren't you glad you know?

anyway, i'm going to go stare at the compter screen blankly.
it's not doing work, but i feel less stressed doing that than when i'm just doing fun stuff. like blogging.

bones is sex. & i know so much more about human anatomy from watching it.
which is surprising.


  1. holy shit she looks like sex in that photo!
    yeh babe i enjoyed reading about your tv epidemics a lot
    so fun (:
    oooooooo officee (:
    i know right? i really should be doing work, but all im doing is lazing around being consitpated.. im having trouble shitting.

  2. i know ritee, almost as hot as boothie boyy.
    psh who doesnt lob listening to me talke about me?
    um. good to hearr. might want to take some prune shit for that shitting problem.

  3. Bones and the Office!
    Booth is so good looking.
    And Michael Scott and Dwight are so funny!

    wheennnnn will both of them hurry up & come back onn?
    booth is.. aaah <3
    & agreement; the office is lol.

    thankshou for following (: