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Friday, August 28, 2009

sapphire and faded jeans, i hope you get your dreams

so i was reading my blog (yes, i often read my own blog wanna fight about it?) and i gazed a long gaze over my wishlist.
& i realised; even if i went out and bought alll that stuff. i would still want more.

sounds pretty shallow, material. i know.
but that's how it is, everyone i know wants. and when we get what we want, we're not content.
but i think that's okay. it reminds me of a discussion i once had about iPods.
i will never be totally "done" with setting up my iPod. because new songs come out, i want different playlists, or i want.. a new cover or something.
& that's okay. we're human; we have to want things or there'd be nothing to do.

yes i just compared life in general with iPods. if you dont like it i will blow you da fuk up in a heartbeat so shut up before i pull dat track out bitch with your mutterfukin weed.
kay that last bit will only make sense to about. 3 people. long story, involving a grammatically incorrect stalker.

anyway, so i guess what i'm saying is. not many people will ever be totally content. we'll probably always want more- but what's so bad about that?


  1. lovely photo! thanks for following!

  2. deep ;)
    i agree that we always want more. its natural. but i think what sort of separates people in this (ok i don't know wot i am saying :))) is knowing that we shouldn't, cause we've already got HEAPS of stoof. and i'm not saying we should not aspire to have things or anything like that (or stop buying more stoof ;)) - but i guess if you know that we don't need it, then thats ok.

    if you're confused i am too hahahahaha :))))
    haha that smiley seems to have a QUADRUPLE CHIN BEHEHEFLSDFJDSL

  3. @ lilee, i knooww, audrey is <3. gladd to be following :)

    @ candi, bhaha noo itskay nothing about that concept is confusing?
    you're right that we are differentiated by our understanding of what we should or shouldn't want, but what i'm saying is it's programmed into us to want a variety of things, but often don't get them. p'aps i didn't make that opinion clear in the blogg.


  4. oh and yes. yes it has many chins.

    does that turn you on?

  5. :D:D
    ich liebe ipods, das ist sehr superr!

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